Aerospace Innotech Acquire honor“ 2.4Ghz Active RFID IoT Star”

2019-07-05 13:53:28

March 1, 2017, organized by the IoT Trade Promotion and Association, jointly organized by the RFID industry authority media "RFID World" and "IoT World", Guangdong Internet of Things Association, Shanghai Internet of Things Industry Association, Shandong Province IoT Industry Alliance, Zhongguancun IoT Industry Alliance, Shanghai RFID Research Alliance and other major alliances, co-sponsored the "2016 (The 10th) 'IOT Star' RFID World's Most Influential Annual Awards' results officially announced ! Aerospace Innotech Co., Ltd. re-won in the selection event, won the 2016 "2.4Ghz Active RFID IoT Star" award.