Auto Weighing System

2019-07-10 10:25:15

Auto Weighing Intelligent Identification System

Project Introduction

Vehicle number identification system combines with micro-wave RFID technology, electronic vehicle scale, communication, automatic control, database and computer network technologies. It can auto-identify the RFID tag with number of the vehicle, weight and time etc,
then write it into host computer database to avoid the issues, such as errors made by human, block or cheating activities.Vehicle scale & vehicle number identification system collects the data and transmit it to management center via Ethernet, fiber or other data communication network. The management center includes application server, weighing server & database server and software, etc.
All these servers together will process the data collected from the system.

System Features
  • High Success Rate: double-antenna operation mode, monitoring RFID cards of different size vehicle, high success reading rate;
  • Reliability: working environment -30℃~+90℃, devices water/dust proof, high temperature resistance;
  • Anti-interference: no interfering problem of multiple weighing system
  • High Speed Reading: meet the speed of vehicle 60KM/h
  • Anti-collision: multi anti-collision methods, multi-reading 
  • High Efficiency: speed up moving step, increase passing rate 
  • Anti-falsification: unique RFID tag ID, irremovable RFID tag