About those applications of uhf rfid tag liquid tag

2020-03-20 17:49:54

Everyone knows that metals and liquids have barriers to uhf rfid tag radio frequency identification, which leads to the limitations of RFID technology. However, metal objects can generally be managed by anti-metal tags, and the interference of liquids has not been solved by a good method. The human body will absorb radio frequency microwaves, and liquids and metals cannot penetrate radio frequency signals, so the application of RFID wireless radio frequency will be interfered by metals and liquids and cannot be used in its field.

But recently, new technology has begun to be applied, and now a new technology has been developed that can use the UHF RFID system to manage the inventory and expiration date of high-value medicines. By affixing a passive UHF RFID electronic label on each medicine. At the same time, a label is attached to its distribution facility to bind the unique ID number of the label to the item information.

When the customer places an order in the pharmacy, the employee starts to select the medicine, and then uses the UHF RFID reader to check and check the inventory information before shipment. The system can capture and manage the new product delivery data of each pharmacy and forward it to the system in real time. In this way, the inventory visibility of each pharmacy is achieved. In this way, the pharmacy can track the inventory information in the pharmacy through the data on the system.

The application of uhf rfid tag liquid tags in the unmanned retail industry. With the rise of unmanned retail, breaking through the restrictions on UHF RFID radio waves of liquid beverages is a problem that the Internet of Things industry needs to solve urgently. At present, the liquids managed by unmanned retailing all need innovative labeling methods of RFID electronic tags, and use the flag labeling method to avoid the influence of liquids on RFID.

The smart retail cabinet application with uhf rfid tag attached to each bottle of beverage can open the door and pick it up and take it away. Each shelf is replaced by an RFID antenna to realize automatic real-time reading of the quantity and attributes of the goods in the vending machine.

There is no perfect technology in the world. However, a properly installed and configured solution can provide high accuracy and reliable data RFID as a data carrier, which is an important part of the future digitization of goods. It will also play an increasingly important role in the operation of retailers. Industry applications will continue to deepen!