2019-07-05 14:02:15

Aerospace Innotech Co.,Ltd

Established at year 2007, formerly known as communication division in Shenzhen Academy of Aerospace Technology Institute, Aerospace Innotech Co.,Ltd (knew as HTRFID) registered in 2011  with a capital of 50 million RMB. HTRFID focus on IoT technology and relevant RFID products researching, production and implementation, which is an important banner in the CASC group (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation).

As a leading RFID products and RFID solutions provider, HTRFID brings together a group of domestic top RFID R&D team and engineering team with professional experience. We have our own HF, UHF and 2.4Ghz Active three series of RFID products, and more than 100 kinds of products with independent intellectual property rights. The products performance and applications have always been in the industry leader, widely used in security access control, transportation, sea ports tracking, automobile manufacturing, warehouse management/inventory tracking, people location tracking and military RFID applications. HTRFID always focus on providing customers with quality products and service, by apply ISO9001 and ISO14001 etc, strictly control the development, manufacture and sale of all aspects to ensure high-performance products.

In the future,  (HTRFID) will continually carry out technical and management innovation to implement "Aerospace spirit" and eventually develop into a "first-class IoT(RFID) technology manufacturer and first-class provider of IoT(RFID) solutions. "