RFID Inmate Management

RFID Tracking System For Inmate 1.System introduction   RFID Inmate management system take advantage of the active RFID technology to monitor inmates in real time, it combines RFID hardware and system software.RFID technology for inmate management have been used a lot in American, the Netherland, Singapore,

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RFID Students Management

2.45 Ghz RFID Students Management System 1.System construction 2.Relevant products SAAT-F526B 2.45Ghz Active Fixed RFID Reader High-recognition, long-range reading Super anti-collision, read 200tags simultaneously Multi-group I/O ports, control reader easily with other device WIFI, GPRS module o

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Forklift Anti-Collision System

System Overview By fixing the distance detection station(Reader) on the forklift or specific area, monitoring range 5-25m adjustable, When the person who wearing the tag (rfid tag or UWB tag) is close to the dangerous range, the station will trigger alarm (sound and light ). Station can be 2.4Ghz active RFID Reader

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