RFID Students Management

2019-07-10 10:17:06

2.45 Ghz RFID Students Management System

1.System construction

2.Relevant products

SAAT-F526B 2.45Ghz Active Fixed RFID Reader
  • High-recognition, long-range reading
  • Super anti-collision, read 200tags simultaneously
  • Multi-group I/O ports, control reader easily with other device
  • WIFI, GPRS module optional
SAAT-T505 Active tag
  • Active operating model, can be read inside pocket/bag
  • PVC plastic shell, high-tension, waterproofing IP67
  • Super slim, little radiation, suitable for human taking

  • Automatically collect and record all the basic attendance information including name, time of students’attendance of both in and out, and ID number, etc.
  • According to cooperate with local MOBILE operator, system will send message to parents when students go into school, enhance the communicate of school and parent
  • Only the person who has the authorized RFID card can gain access into the place, security classroom access control

  1. High-recognition, long-range readingfor students attendance ,auto identify;
  2. Super anti-collision, support 200tags read simultaneouslyat 100km/h, well identify of school buses pass by;
  3. Tag can also used for consuming in canteen, shop or rent books in library;
  4. System provide interactive platform for students, parents and school, enhance school security management;
  5. High reliability of hardware:  Temperature tolerant -40℃~90℃, waterproof and dustproof of;
  6. Super low power consumption, little radiation (approved by CASC Environmental key laboratory), suitable for human taking.
  7. Global open ISM microwave band, no need to apply and pay.