Interview| Chairman of Aerospace Innotech(HTRFID): Empower

2019-09-20 09:27:47

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) System, leading a new generation of ITS.   

As one of the most important of part of  IoT systm, V2X system brings everything together to manage transportation well. On September 6, 2019, at the “Intelligent Transportation and Vehicle Network Industry Development Summit forum 2019”held in Wuxi, China, experts from various conferences conducted in-depth discussions on the development of the Internet of Vehicles. During the time, Chairman of Aerospace Innotech Yan Zetao, accepted interview from China Daily, Xinhua Daily, and other medias, Mr. Yan talked about the development status of domestic vehicle networking, and revealed for the first time the company’s layout in V2X field in the future.