Forklift Anti-Collision System

2019-11-15 15:19:37

System Overview

By fixing the distance detection station(Reader) on the forklift or specific area, monitoring range 5-25m adjustable, When the person who wearing the tag (rfid tag or UWB tag) is close to the dangerous range, the station will trigger alarm (sound and light ). Station can be 2.4Ghz active RFID Reader or UWB device, depends on budget and accuracy requirement.

System Structure

-Anti-collision Station- Employee Tag- Alarm system

Based on the distance detection technology, real-time monitoring distance between the station and tag, as well as distance between stations, when the distance is less than the set alignment, sound and light alarm will be generated to prevent collisions between objects.

Scene 1 Distance detection between station and tag

Scene 2 Distance detection between 2 stations


Scene 3 Distance detection on corners 

One station and alarm bell are installed at the corner, when people wears the tag and the forklift installed station approaching this corner, sound and light alarm will be triggered.