active rfid reader | Comparative analysis of active and passive RFID applications in warehouses

2021-07-01 16:43:43

Regarding the application of RFID technology in warehouse management according to active and passive methods, there are two distinct application characteristics. Different application environments and customer needs have completely different product combinations. The following is a simple comparative analysis of the two methods of active RFID and passive RFID:   

1. Warehousing application of passive RFID technology  

Passive RFID is composed of antenna and chip inside. When the tag enters the magnetic field, it is driven by the electromagnetic wave received by the integrated circuit. These electromagnetic waves are emitted by the RFID reader. Passive RFID technology warehousing application Passive RFID technology warehousing application Passive RFID can track or monitor the shipments of pallets, boxes and goods entering and leaving the warehouse.

2. Active RFID technology warehousing application 

Active RFID is also an active RFID electronic tag, which is a type of electronic tag classified according to the different power supply modes of the electronic tag, and it usually supports remote identification. The active RFID electronic tag periodically transmits signals according to preset rules. When the RFID tag enters the reader's action area, the reader obtains the information emitted by the tag, which completes the identification process of the tag. Active RFID technology warehousing applications Active RFID technology warehousing applications.

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