Can passive rfid reader tags be recycled?

2020-02-07 20:49:11

If the rfid reader tags has read-write memory, you can use the software provided with the reader to write data to the tag. If you need to write more than one tag, you can use third-party software for writing multiple tags. Using the Block Write command can write multiple 16-bit words, but the tag and the reader are required to support Block Write. It can also be used to overwrite existing data and write new data, but it cannot be used for locked label.
rfid reader tags
Passive tags can be reused if they are built into plastic or other protective material. If a passive rfid reader tags is forcibly removed from an object, it is likely to destroy the connection between the chip and the antenna, thereby invalidating the tag. And the label cannot be pasted elsewhere, but if the label is covered with plastic, it can be used in the supply chain and can be placed on other objects through a plastic ring. In addition, durable labels such as laundry labels can be used. These types of labels are reusable, similar to electronic anti-theft labels.

Recycling tags is difficult to manage the collected data, because you need to ensure that after removing the tag, the serial number is no longer associated with the item and is associated with the new tracker. This may not seem difficult, but if the tags It's troublesome on hundreds of different items. Therefore, to ensure that each label can be associated with the correct item every time, proper procedures and management need to be established.