Can rfid passive tags be recycled?

2019-11-27 13:53:40

         Passive RFID tag systems are now widely used. As a new technology for the Internet of Things, this technology is particularly prominent in logistics, supermarkets, libraries, retail and automation. However, many people do not know much about passive RFID tags. Can passive RFID tags be recycled?

         At present, there is still a difference between RFID active tags and RFID passive tags. Passive tags can be reused if they are built in plastic or in other protective materials.
rfid passive tags
        If rfid passive tags are forcibly removed from the goods, this may cause damage to the connection between the chip and the antenna, and the tags may fail. These tags cannot be pasted elsewhere, but if the tag is wrapped with protective material, it can be used For the supply chain, it can also be placed on other objects through plastic rings. Such tags can be reused, similar to electronic anti-theft tags.

        The difficulty of recycling labels is managing the collected data. Reuse requires ensuring that the serial number is no longer associated with the item and associated with the new tracker after removing the label. This sounds simple, but if the label is used in hundreds Thousands of different goods are quite troublesome. To ensure that each label can be associated with the correct item every time, you need to establish appropriate procedures and management.

          Passive RFID electronic tags In the entire communication process, after the chip stores an object information, it can generally be reused by clearing the chip information. This is also an important reason for passive RFID tags to slowly replace traditional barcodes.