Common types of uhf rfid readers

2020-02-07 20:46:29

uhf rfid readers wireless radio frequency identification, through the radio frequency identification signal to automatically identify the target object and obtain related data, without human intervention, can identify high-speed moving objects and can simultaneously identify multiple RFID tags, the operation is fast and convenient.

 The more common ones in the market are: desktop card issuers, split fixed readers, integrated fixed readers, mobile handhelds, portable readers, and industrial embedded readers.

Desktop card issuer. This type of reader is generally used to initialize the RFID tag data of the card issuer. It can read, write, authorize, format and other operations on the tag. Use. Its characteristics: small size, low cost, short reading distance.

      Split-type fixed reader, RFID read-write module and read-write antenna are separated. Different reader modules and antennas can be configured according to different application scenarios. Common antennas are 6DB, 8DB, 12DB, etc., near-field antennas and Far-field antennas are available. In addition, the reader also has single-channel, dual-channel, four-channel and eight-channel, and a maximum of 32-channel antenna interfaces. It can be widely used in intelligent manufacturing and supply chain, digital warehouse management, commercial retail, assets. Management and other fields.

Integrated fixed reader. The biggest feature of this type of reader is that the uhf rfid readers module and antenna are assembled into an integrated machine. It has strong anti-interference ability, excellent protection performance, convenient installation and use, and high cost performance. It is mainly used for license plate anti-counterfeit identification management. , Intelligent parking lot management, warehouse material access control and identification management, airport luggage and parcel identification management, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.
uhf rfid readers
      Mobile handheld, handheld reader's biggest feature is mobility and portability. The operating system mainly has two operating systems: Android and win CE. The interface design is friendly. The RFID reading distance is from 0-8 meters. The quality is directly related to the RFID read-write chip module and the built-in antenna.