Difference between uhf rfid passive tags and high frequency RFID electronic tags

2019-11-07 14:44:06

          With the rapid development of technology, the application of electronic tags has already covered various fields. Today, we will briefly understand the difference between UHF and high-frequency RFID electronic tags.

          Generally, the frequency of high-frequency RFID tags is 13.56MHz, which is mainly passive. When tag data is exchanged, the tags need to be located within the antenna reader's radiation range. The reading distance of high-frequency tags is generally less than 1 meter, and high-frequency tags are generally made into a card shape, which can be widely used in electronic tickets, electronic ID cards, community property management and building access control systems.
            UThe working frequency of uhf rfid passive tags is generally between 860MHz ~ 960MHz, which is divided into two types: active tags and passive tags. When working, radio frequency tags are generally located in the far field of the UHF reader antenna radiation field.

             The UHF reader antenna radiation field can provide radio frequency energy for passive tags, and can wake up passive tags. The reading distance of the RFID system is generally greater than 1 meter, and the maximum can reach more than 10 meters.