Do you know the advantages of RFID readers

2021-10-11 14:57:00

In recent years, with the advancement of micro-integrated circuit technology, rfid readers have been developed. Passive RFID tags do not require batteries. The magnetic field generated by the RFID reader obtains the energy required for work, but the reading distance is relatively short.

In the past, RFID active tags were large in size, high in power consumption, and short in lifespan. Active RFID tags made with the latest technology not only have a long reading distance, but also have the advantages of long life and reliable performance of passive tags.

rfid reader, namely radio frequency identification technology, this technology is usually used for wireless transceiver. Rfid readers are also widely used in many fields, such as manufacturing, logistics, ports, docks, vehicles and personnel management. Tags can work in harsh environments, have a long reading distance, can process multiple tags at the same time, and can track people, objects, instruments and equipment in real time, with strong security.