Do you know what an active RFID system is

2021-10-11 16:19:22

Do you really understand active RFID systems?

Active RFID, also known as active RFID, is a type of electronic tag classified according to the different power supply modes of the electronic tag, and it usually supports remote identification. Electronic tags can be divided into active electronic tags, passive electronic tags and semi-passive electronic tags. The active electronic tag is equipped with a battery, the passive radio frequency tag does not have a built-in battery, and the semi-passive electronic tag partly relies on the battery to work.

RFID tags are commonly known as electronic tags. A unique code is stored in the RFID tag. The address space of the RFID tag is much higher than the space provided by the bar code, so item-level item coding can be realized. After the tag is powered on, it periodically transmits signals according to the preset rules. When the RFID tag enters the reader's action area, the reader obtains the information emitted by the tag, which completes the identification process of the tag.

The reader is a device that performs read/write operations on RFID tags, and it mainly includes two parts: a radio frequency module and a digital signal processing unit. The reader is the most important infrastructure in the RFID system. On the one hand, the electromagnetic signal returned by the RFID tag enters the radio frequency module of the reader through the antenna to be converted into a digital signal, and then is processed by the digital signal processing unit of the reader. Necessary processing and shaping, and finally demodulate the returned information from it to complete the recognition or read/write operation of the RFID tag; on the other hand, the upper-level middleware and application software interact with the reader to realize the execution of operating instructions and data Summary upload.