Electronic Vehicle License

2020-03-31 14:40:29

Based on electronic vehicle license technology, build IOV(Internet of Vehicles) by big data analysis.

System overview

Aerospace Innotech developed the electronic vehicle license in RFID technology, tag on vehicles save vehicle’s information and reader on roads read them, realized automatically, contactless and non-stop data collection , identify and monitor vehicles on road real time.

System architecture

Application advantages

City Vehicle management: by using big data analysis, help government realize intelligent vehicle management, improvement traffic safety and city traffic environment.

Combined with the third party application: realize vehicles and other relevant industry service.

Vehicle financial application: vehicle loan, supply chain management etc

Successful projects

Customer:Traffic Branch 

Project outcome

Improve license anti-counterfeit management, help policy to manage vehicles in black list, vehicles break rules and no insurance

Reduce safety problem and environment pollution

Public traffic priority

Reduce traffic jam

Electronic vehicle license, all network related, save processing time