high accurate personnel location under complicate environment

2020-03-31 16:15:30

With convergence of different location technology, it aims to realize personnel safety management.

System overview

Adapt with GPS/BDS/GLONASS multi-mode satellite location, inertia auxiliary, differential compensation, active tag auxiliary and multi-data combined algorithm, realize indoor/outdoor location data switching seamlessly.

System architecture

Application advantages

Personnel location under complicate environment: without influence from environment, buildings barrier, electromagnetic reflection reference etc.

Multi-technology accurate location system:  combined with different location technology, without influence from random path changes.  

Real time trace tracking:  real time monitoring of personnel state, alarm if abnormal situation.

Anti-explosion certified and convenient wearing method, suitable for high-risk environment.

Successful projects

Project outcome

CNPC’s first high accurate personnel location project

Project refer to CNPC’s more than 20 factories and over 20,000 people.

Products were exhibited in Shenzhen Library

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