Intelligent RFID Parking System

2019-07-10 09:39:23

RFID Tags assist in Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Vehicle Tracking. Commercial vehicles as well as personal vehicles need to be identified;and tracked for secure access to gated and controlled parking areas.

RFID enabled Windshield Tags are placed on the windscreen of the vehicles which can be read when the vehicle passes through a RFID enabled gantry or parking lot gate. RFID technology allows for easy and fast communication between tag and reader. This helps in allowing access to a vehicle to a secure gated parking lot, automates billing and electronic collection of parking fees, and eliminates scope of misplacing parking tokens/tickets.


Aerospace Innotech Windshield tags are tamper-proof which eliminates scope of theft of these tags. Any attempt to transfer or shift the tag from one vehicle to another vehicle causes the tag to lose its functionality and this helps in accurate automatic vehicle identification.

We also provide 2.45GHz active rfid readers and tags for longer reading applications which is above 100 meters. The tags can be placed in anywhere of the vehicle, even in the driver’s pocket.

Suitable UHF RFID reader and tags

                     SAAT-I801                                          SAAT-I802

                     SAAT-I861                                          SAAT-I862


All these 4 integrated uhf rfid readers are based on Impinj R2000 chip. SAAT-I801 and SAAT-I861 are with built in 8dbi antennas, but SAAT-I802 and SAAT-I862 are with 12dbi antennas.

SAAT-I861 and SAAT-I862 are with IP67 protecting rate which are more suitable for harsh and outdoor environment.Except SAAT-I801, all other devices are with 4G optional
 Irremovable UHF RFID windshield tag SAAT-T821

Suitable 2.45GHz active RFID reader and tags

                     SAAT-F526B                                          SAAT-I528

Both devices above are directional 2.45GHz active rfid reader with more than 200m reading distance and IP67 protecting rate which are more suitable for harsh and outdoor environment.
Moreover, SAAT-F526B is with WIFI and GPRS optional for wireless transmitting.

2.45GHz card type active rifd tag with 150m reading distance
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