Intelligent warehouse management system

2020-04-13 09:32:47

With Convergence of AI and IOT, its aim to realize a refined intelligent warehouse management system

Background analysis

Based on internet technology and rich logistics management experience. Aerospace Innotech develops an intelligent logistics warehouse management system with different technologies, including but not limited to: big data, cloud computing, AI. All these technologies offers a rich functionality for the system.

System overview

Application advantages

  • Configurable warehouse operation rules; support multi-warehouses and multi-consignors management.
  • Compatible with barcode and RFID, fast and efficient.
  • Unified Datahub interfaces platform, multi –systems seamlessly integration
  • Optimized path algorithm to assign the tasks
  • With integration of warehouse resource, operations, personnel management and supports multiple dimensions analysis and decision

Successful projects

Project outcome

It introduced mature RFID technology, break through the old one and finally realized a modern “account-objects-tracking-locations” management mode. It reduced the management cost and revitalized stock assets.

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