Introduction to anti metal tag

2021-09-17 16:12:28

The anti metal tag is an electronic tag packaged with a special anti-magnetic wave-absorbing material, which technically solves the problem that the electronic tag cannot be attached to the metal surface for use. The product is waterproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, anti-collision, and can be used outdoors.

Attaching the anti-metal electronic tag to the metal can achieve good reading performance, even longer than the reading distance in the air. With a special circuit design, this type of electronic tag can effectively prevent metal interference to radio frequency signals. The outstanding performance of the real anti metal tag is: the reading distance attached to metal is longer than that of unattached metal. This is Excellent result of overall design.

It is suitable for outdoor power equipment inspection, iron tower and telephone pole inspection, elevator inspection, pressure vessel cylinder gas cylinder, product tracking of various electric household equipment, asset management, logistics management, auto parts process management, slaughter line management, etc.