Introduction to RFID active tags

2021-08-12 16:43:13

rfid active tags are commonly known as electronic tags. A unique code is stored in the rfid active tags. The address space of the rfid active tags is much higher than the space provided by the bar code, so item-level item coding can be realized.

After the tag is powered on, it periodically transmits signals according to the preset rules. When the rfid active tags enters the reader's active area, the reader obtains the information emitted by the tag, which completes the identification process of the tag.

The tag ID is the core of RFID identification, that is, a unique and independent way of expression is established, the tag is bound to the person/thing shown, and the identity is identified through the unique non-copyable tag ID. Active electronic tag batteries are mainly CR button batteries and flexible lithium batteries. The selection of batteries needs to be based on the size of the shape requirements and the large battery power, which can ensure the long service life of the electronic tags.