People location Tracking System in Shanghai

2019-07-10 10:44:53

People Location Tracking System in Shanghai children’s playground

Project Introduction

For Shanghai children's playground with larger area and more project and each project facilities have a certain distance, sometimes appear children and parents are separated. After getting lost children work personnel can only rely on radio call, a large number of workers spent way for someone to artificially, time-consuming and often can't quickly find, parents will bear much psychological pressure. Therefore, our company helped them to install and 2.45GHz active RFID personnel Location system, effectively solved this problem.
When parents and their children go to children’s playground, the workers will input their identification information manually for entry and links the two pieces of the corresponding active wristband RFID tags to children and their parents were worn on wrist before enter venues. Various points within venue with active RFID reader which is reading tags always when the tag is close to its reading area, then reader will send tag s reading data to the server. Once children and parents are separated, parents in service center or reception management inquiry their children’s information and can instantly find their children’s location which area of playground.