RFID access system|The use and advantages of RFID in medical smart cabinets

2022-01-26 14:45:45

RFID access system

With the increasing aging of the population and the improvement of people's living standards, the number of people admitted to the hospital for medical treatment is increasing year by year, and the consumption of medical consumables in hospitals is also showing an upward trend year by year. The extensive use of medical consumables, especially high-value consumables, gives Consumables management in hospitals brings a lot of pressure. Whether it is the establishment of a modern hospital management system to improve hospital operation efficiency, or the management and control of drugs and consumables becoming an important part of hospital operations, creating an intelligent and standardized medical consumables management system has become a necessary condition for hospitals to improve quality and serve patients.
The RFID smart medical cabinet uses the new radio frequency technology to number each consumable with an electronic tag. The reader automatically scans and identifies the consumable information, and cooperates with the data management system to track the use process of the consumables, from procurement, acceptance, collection, distribution, use, and scrapping. The whole process covers the life cycle of consumables and provides accurate data support. Achieve fast scanning, batch reading, accurate and efficient inventory.