rfid reader | About the application prospects of RFID technology

2021-07-01 16:58:44

RFID technology has become mature and has its applications in all walks of life, such as:

(1) Expressway toll collection and intelligent transportation system

The application of RFID technology in automatic highway toll collection can fully reflect the advantages of this technology. The toll payment is automatically completed when the vehicle passes through the toll station at high speed, which solves the bottleneck problem of traffic, increases the speed of the vehicle, avoids congestion, and improves the efficiency of toll calculation.

(2) Production automation and process control

RFID technology has many applications in production process control due to its strong resistance to harsh environments and non-contact identification. Through the use of RFID technology in the automated assembly line of large factories, material tracking and automatic control and monitoring of the production process have been realized, which has improved production efficiency, improved production methods, and reduced costs.

(3) Automatic identification and anti-theft of vehicles

Through the establishment of an automatic vehicle number recognition system using radio frequency identification technology, it is possible to know the operation of the vehicle at any time, not only to realize the automatic tracking management of the vehicle, but also to greatly reduce the possibility of accidents, and the owner of the vehicle can be Effective verification is carried out to prevent the theft of the vehicle, and the lost vehicle can be effectively found after the vehicle is lost.

(4) Electronic ticket

Radio frequency identification system, especially one of the areas with the greatest application potential of non-contact IC card is the field of public transportation. Using electronic tags as electronic tickets has advantages such as easy to use, can shorten transaction time, and reduce operating costs.

(5) Cargo tracking management and monitoring

Radio frequency identification technology provides convenient, fast and accurate automated technical means for cargo tracking management and monitoring.

(6) Logistics links such as warehousing and distribution

Using radio frequency identification system for intelligent warehouse goods management can effectively solve the management of information related to the flow of goods in the warehouse, monitor goods information, understand inventory in real time, automatically identify goods, and determine the location of goods.

(7) Automatic sorting system for mail and parcels

(8) Animal tracking and management

Radio frequency identification technology can be used for animal tracking and management. The electronic tags encapsulated in small glass are planted under the skin of animals, which can identify important information such as livestock and monitor animal health conditions, and provide reliable technical means for the modernization of farm management.

(9) Access security

(10) Anti-counterfeiting

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