rfid tagging | Is RFID technology a necessity in manufacturing?

2021-07-12 14:53:04

RFID technology has become one of the indispensable technologies in the retail industry, but what about the manufacturing and logistics industries? I believe that all large manufacturers and logistics companies will one day use RFID, but it is hard to say that they cannot survive without RFID technology. Let me explain why.

For retailers, inventory accuracy is the key to production in the omni-channel sales world. The manufacturing industry is facing unprecedented global competition. They are under pressure to reduce costs, simplify operations, and deliver the right products to the right places at the right time.

In other words, RFID can provide a better way to manage raw materials, parts, components, tools, and work in progress. Because scaling up production is a difficult task, managing millions of parts lists and ensuring that parts go online on time is also a challenge.

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