RFID tags | In fixed asset management, should we choose active RFID or passive RFID?

2022-02-24 11:12:15

RFID tags
From the cost point of view: the cost of active RFID management of fixed assets is relatively high. Fixed asset management software and required hardware are expensive. From a functional point of view, active RFID usually has functions such as displacement, alarm, and inspection. Passive RFID is relatively low cost in terms of the tag itself or other hardware. The recognition distance is long, and it can actually reach more than ten meters.

For some high-value fixed assets, active RFID tags are required if the fixed assets are displaced or leave a certain position and need to be alerted. Anti-theft access control can be set. Manage smarter. The identification distance of passive RFID tags is about 5-6 meters.

For some electronic products, such as computers, cameras, printers and other assets, passive label management is adopted, and the reading method is passive. A RFID handheld terminal + passive RFID tag + RFID printer can be used to manage and take inventory of fixed assets throughout the life cycle.