Uhf rfid reader working mode and application introduction

2019-09-25 14:05:29

The uhf rfid reader is an RFID device that operates in the UHF UHF band and typically operates at 840-960 M Hz (different standards in all regions of the world). Ultra-high frequency systems transmit energy through electromagnetic fields.
The uhf rfid reader reads the stored information in the UHF RFID tag by means of electromagnetic wave reflection coupling. It has the advantages of long-distance reading and group reading, but it is difficult to define the reading area. Secondly, UHF RFID The reader has a high data transfer rate and can read a large number of electronic tags in a short time.

  The main applications of UHF readers are: supply chain management, production line automation management, aviation parcel management, container management and application, railway parcel management, logistics management system, etc.