Under what circumstances will the uhf rfid tag fail?

2019-12-04 09:27:11

          Uhf rfid tag is very common in life. RFID is generally similar to barcode scanning. If the RFID electronic tag fails, it is impossible to scan and apply. Then what kind of situation can prevent the RFID electronic anti-counterfeit tag from malfunctioning?

           To prevent malfunction, first of all you need to know that there are several cases RFID tag failure

          The first case is the damage of the label, because there are chips inside the RFID electronic tag. Once the chip is pressed by external force or touched by static electricity, it may cause failure. There is also the destruction of the RFID signal antenna, which will also cause failure. Generally speaking, RFID electronic tags must not be damaged by compression and tear. High-quality RFID electronic tags are generally packed in plastic cards, which can avoid damage by external forces. .
uhf rfid tag
           In the second case, the tag is not damaged. Generally, RFID electronic tags cannot pass through metal because metal can shield signals. rfid also difficult to penetrate water, since water can absorb waves to occur when sensing distance limit. So pay attention to whether these substances are present in blocked when in use
uhf rfid tag
           The third situation is far read distance, practical application of high-frequency RFID tag, the electronic tag important considerations bonding position since relatively large size of the label, the RFID tag is attached directly to the metal surface or The location close to the metal device is directly integrated on the battery aluminum alloy stamped case because of space problems. Therefore, during the identification process, the RFID electronic tag is easily susceptible to the eddy current interference of the battery aluminum alloy stamped case, resulting in an RFID tag. The actual valid read greatly shorten the distance, or no response is altogether, resulting in a failure to read. This interference problem occurs more often, so some measures need to be taken to prevent it.