What are the characteristics of passive rfid tags used in supermarkets?

2019-12-27 09:51:46

       The era of artificial intelligence has come. When you go to the supermarket, you will find that many paper price tags have been replaced by passive rfid tags. It looks clean and simple. So what are the advantages of using passive rfid tags in supermarkets? Everyone introduces the characteristics of the use of electronic labels in supermarkets.

        There are many types of products in the supermarket, and each product requires a price tag. Many of them also need to change the label every so often because of promotions and price changes, etc. Therefore, this operation also involves multiple expenses. Obviously, if Replacing paper labels with electronic labels has the following advantages.
passive rfid tag
         It is easy to use. In the process of product display, the price of goods often changes, because the replacement of paper is more troublesome. If it is replaced with an electronic label, it can quickly handle the change of the price of the product, thereby reducing the repeated input of labels and the staff Workload.

         Save costs. The use of electronic labels can reduce the labor costs of replacing labels in stores. The probability of errors and breakage of general paper labels is relatively high, so replacing electronic price tags can reduce label replacement costs and unnecessary shopping disputes.

         Inventory management has become a reality. Today's supermarkets can give customers a fresh feeling. The goods on the supermarket shelves will be repositioned at intervals, but this is not conducive to store management. With electronic price tags, the electronic price tags are associated with each set of shelf positions. When the goods are put on the shelf, the position of the electronic price tag can be set according to the drawing of the goods, and the back-end system can control the shelves and goods.

          In addition to increasing revenue and reducing costs, the significance of electronic labels is to help supermarkets achieve the same online and offline product information prices, online and offline with inventory management, so that display management can become a reality. In addition, the speed of delivery can be improved, which can help employees quickly determine the location of the product, thereby helping the delivery staff to find the product quickly.

          Some supermarkets implement RFID electronic tags instead of barcodes. Is it still far from saying goodbye to barcodes?