What is the effective range of uhf rfid reader to receive radio waves?

2020-05-15 10:51:56

       Generally speaking, the receiving range of uhf rfid reader is affected by many factors, such as radio frequency, label size and shape, energy of uhf rfid reader, interference from metal objects, and then other other radio frequency devices. In general, the receiving distance of low-frequency passive tags will be within one foot, the receiving distance of high-frequency passive tags is about three feet, and the receiving distance of UHF tags is ten to twenty feet . For semi-active and active tags that use batteries, uhf rfid reader can receive signals of three hundred feet or more. So for low-frequency and high-frequency RF, if the size of the tag and uhf rfid reader antenna are the same, then the receiving distance can also be calculated by multiplying the diameter of the antenna by 1.4. Within 30 centimeters in diameter, this rule applies.
uhf rfid reader
       So what do LF, HF and UHF of uhf rfid reader stand for?

       In fact, this principle is the same as the radio we listen to. The radio frequency tag and uhf rfid reader must also be modulated to the same frequency to work. LF, HF, UHF correspond to radio frequencies of different frequencies. Generally speaking, LF stands for low frequency radio frequency, around 125KHz, HF stands for high frequency radio frequency, around 13.54MHz, UHF stands for ultra high frequency radio frequency, in the range of 850 to 910MHz.

      Why read and use different frequencies?

      There are 4 kinds of frequency bands in operation, because in different fields, it is necessary to choose different ones to be used in different fields, so to use it correctly, we must first select the appropriate frequency.

       What kind of uhf rfid reader do I need?

       The uhf rfid reader is just like the label, so it is necessary to determine the type and quantity of use by studying the supply method. For example, to manage the inventory of incoming and outgoing warehouses, uhf rfid reader can be installed on the cargo door of the terminal. If the requirement is to manage the products sent to a specific customer, the uhf rfid reader should be installed not only on the door, but also on the truck. If the requirement is to control retail shelves, fixed or handheld devices can be used to facilitate automatic outbound recording and counting.