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2021-11-19 14:11:00

The medical wristband label belongs to a special self-adhesive label, because for the elderly, young, severely ill, surgical patients and patients with self-expression disorders, the wristband label can quickly identify patient information, name, gender, The bed number, hospital number and other special medical information are all in it, and there will be no artificial errors. Its market demand is increasing.
1. The use of emergency room operating room

The emergency room handles all kinds of emergency patients, which is difficult to manage well. Under the fast-paced work pressure, problems such as confusion of specimens often occur. With the help of a bar code medical wristband and a handheld machine that can scan bar codes, the work in the emergency room can be handled well.

Also in the operating room, once a patient has undergone an anesthesia operation, it is difficult to express himself soberly. With the help of a barcode medical wristband, the identity of the patient can be quickly confirmed.

2. Inpatient rounds

During inpatient rounds, by reading the patient’s wristband, reading the patient’s information, calling out the medical records and doctor’s orders, and at the same time entering physical data, such as body temperature, blood pressure, and so on.

3. Extraction of blood samples for medication transfusion

In the treatment of medication, blood transfusion, test sample extraction, etc., read the patient information of the wristband to verify the identity, and then check the doctor's order to ensure that the "five are correct."

4. Discharge and checkout

When you leave the hospital, you can use the medical wristband to print out a notice with a barcode label at the nurse's station for checkout. Due to the automatic identification capability of the barcode, the processing is very fast and accurate.

5. Patient access management

The identification and registration of inpatients in and out of the ward facilitates the management of patients.

The biggest feature of the medical wristband label is its uniqueness. It has the characteristic that it cannot be opened again after being worn. If it is opened, it must be unlocked with destructive force. After it is unlocked, it cannot be used normally again. It is a disposable product with high safety performance. !
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