Wireless active rfid reader procurement skills

2020-06-16 15:11:55

       The wireless active rfid reader plays an important role in the RFID system and is an important part of the RFID system. The performance of the reader generally affects the quality of the RFID system. According to user surveys on relevant channels, customers need more information and suggestions when purchasing wireless active rfid readers. To this end, we provide some suggestions for customers' needs, for customers' reference.

   There are many types of RF card readers in the current market, with different prices and functions. How can I choose an RF reader that is cost-effective and suits my needs? In terms of market application, it is generally divided into the following points:
Wireless active rfid reader
1. First of all, you need to determine what kind of reader you need. This needs to be selected according to the specific use requirements, the specific use occasions, frequency, and reading distance of related models. The readers currently on the market are based on frequency. There are 125K, 13.56M, 860 ~ 960 MHz, 2.4G frequency bands, according to the distance is divided into short distance, medium distance, and long distance. After determining these two points, you can select a few more suitable from the product introductions given by various companies.

   The current 125K reader is mainly read-only, the distance is generally below 10cm, and it can also be 1 meter. This type of card reader is generally used in low-cost access control, attendance, parking lot and other industries.

        860 ~ 960 MHz is generally based on the middle distance, with a reading and writing distance within about 10 meters, divided into two protocols of 18000-6B and 6C. The price of this reader is slightly higher, and it is generally used in industries such as non-stop toll collection, automatic attendance statistics for entry and exit.